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We are active mediators for connecting brands with influencers and vice-versa, driving a seamless and streamlined influencer marketing strategy that benefits both parties.

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How we Leverage Influencer Marketing for Brands Worldwide

Gifting Promotions

We convince brands to offer free sample products or free services to influencers in exchange for positive reviews or mentions from their social media accounts. Our gifting promotions are aligned with diverse requirements of the brand, meeting their budgetary requirements and ideal as an incentive for influencers to post positively. Our gifting avenues are tailored to meet brand needs ensuring a strong influence over other brands.
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Guest Posting

We develop tailored guest posts, contributing content for influencer’s blog articles in favour of the brand offerings. Guests posts typically revolve around niche trends for the market, that help propel the brand’s stature in their domain, and help in expanding the knowledge base among the intended prospects and customers. Guest posts also help in enhancing website rankings to another level while offering detailed insights on your expertise and experience.
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Sponsored Content

We rope in sponsors for the promotions and create content for influencers to publicize the brand offerings, by featuring the information on their blog or social media channel. Sponsored content entails specific charges for each post, that guarantee a wide reach among the followers. Additionally, sponsored content reposes faith among the followers about the brand, giving credence to the offerings.
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Co-Creating Content

We help brands to partner with influencers to create popular content, to be featured on both your web profiles, websites or social media accounts. This avenue helps brands to collaborate with influencers directly helping them to use their best traits to develop content that is funny, witty, smart, relevant, and powerful, all at the same time. Brands can ensure that the voice and approach is aligned with their identity to the tee, when they collaborate with specific influencers through this medium.
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Contests and Giveaways

We organize virtual and physical contests and giveaways roping in niche influencer to share the details with their followers. Each of these contests is connected with the brand identity as well as its offerings, attracting interest from a wide variety of online audience. Brands can also leverage lucrative giveaways to their niche audience, through relevant influencers who enjoy a wide following in the same niche or domain.
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Affiliate Marketing

We help brands leverage affiliate marketing by giving influencers a tailored, unique code that offers them a percentage of returns on every sale they push through their social media accounts. Affiliate marketing strategies are handy to convince influencers and digital marketing professionals to put the extra effort to promote a brand’s offerings and in turn, earn better in the long run. It also provides brands a steady stream of enquiries and sales from diverse channels.
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Discount Codes

We reveal discount codes to influencers for a brand’s product or service so that their followers can get interested in their offerings, and thus drive sales. This strategy is useful during different festive occasions that attract consumer interest for a specific time duration and boost sales. The codes are useful for influencers to stake their value in the bargain, allowing their followers the incentive to buy from the brand only through their medium.
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Brand Ambassadors

We forge relationships with loyal brand fans for brand promotions through influencers in exchange for exclusive offers, free products, or for being featured by the brand. We anoint worthy influencers as brand ambassadors for specific brands who can connect with their audience to promote products and other offerings with genuineness and warmth, much like their spokesperson. This strategy forges a strong and indelible relationship between the brand and the influencer, while connecting to their mutual audience.
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Case Study

Connecting the two worlds of brand and influencers is our sole commitment.

Anti CV- Immunity Booster Tablets

We marketed Anti CV immunity booster tablets through our unique influencer marketing strategy. We enrolled niche influencers based on the intended target group to promote the brand utilizing both paid and barter collaboration. We also checked and assessed each and every influencer’s page for genuine content in a timely manner, ensuring the tasks were completed to the tee, in the post format (carousel, reels, flat lays, etc.) expected by the client. We also monitored and analysed the engagement, while delivering insights to the client about the success of the campaign.

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SGB (Sukhadia Garbaddas Bapuji)

We introduced influencer marketing to SGB (Sukhadia Garbaddas Bapuji) for expanding their reach among the contemporary youth segment. As a veteran Sweet & Namkeen shop in existence since 56 years, SGB needed to promote its brand offerings to everyone. We roped in food influencers for paid collaboration with the brand, wherein they had to complete the posting task in favour of the brand. On completion of the task, SGB gifted Diwali hampers to each and every influencer who worked on the post (carousel, reels, flat lays etc.) Influencer ensured that the tasks were completed and retained by each and every influencer as conveyed to them right at the outset.

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Influencer India is a catalyst and mediator between brands and influencers, ensuring that brands avail maximum reach and engagement, connecting with niche influencers. We help them connect with the right influencers, guaranteeing positive, promotional posts, ensuring millions of eyeballs and widespread awareness across channels. You need us for that.

For influencers, we connect them to brands who function in similar niches and domains, as they do. We help them bank on their popularity to earn a fast buck, leveraging their follower count and engagement that they have garnered over time with consistency and clarity. Of course, you need us too!

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We recently worked with Influencer India team to get our brand influencer marketing campaign. It was fantastic. We loved working with them, they were really communicative and made sure we were always in the loop. They took into account all of our opinions and our ideas for what we felt like the creative should be, and honestly, we are impressed. We highly recommend!

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Mr. Hitesh Sorathiya Marcom Director, Poojara Telecom

Influencer India and their team have provided us with a comprehensive, fast and well planned digital marketing strategy that has yielded great results in terms of Influencer marketing content and best influencers of India for our product. Her team was a pleasure to work with, as well as being fast to respond and adapt to the needs of our brand.

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Mr. Viral Soni Marketing Director, Anti CV

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